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Join us in our commitment to craftsmanship and sustainability

Welcome to ELVARDI Care!

Our promise to you goes beyond delivering high-quality sneakers, designed to last. Through our partnership with Liquiproof, we equip you with eco-friendly, and premier resources to maintain your sneakers in pristine condition, maximising their lifespan and supporting our planet's sustainability. Also we're here to provide continuous care advice and repair services when needed, allowing you to enjoy your ELVARDI sneakers for as long as possible. Together, let's step confidently towards a more sustainable future—one sneaker at a time.


One-Year Guarantee with Dedicated Support

We take providing you with the best possible quality of service very seriously. All our products come with a one-year guarantee, during which we will repair your product free of charge. Repairs are expertly carried out in the same manufacturing facility in Vizela, Portugal. If you need assistance or your sneakers require repairs, please contact us directly on WhatsApp for swift support.

Why Care for Your Sneakers

Proper care isn't just about maintaining appearances—it's about stewardship of your investment and the environment. By keeping your ELVARDI sneakers in top condition, you extend their life, reduce waste, and continue to enjoy unparalleled comfort and style. Our care guidelines are designed to maximise durability and performance, ensuring that every step you take is a testament to sustainable luxury.

Meet Our Partner: Liquiproof

We choose our partners with the same care and precision that we choose the materials for our sneakers. That’s why we teamed up with Liquiproof, a leader in sustainable shoe care, whose mission aligns perfectly with ours: Their innovative products are not just effective—they're also eco-friendly. Click the link below to get 15% off any Liquiproof order over £20.




Sneaker care is an ongoing journey, and we're with you every step of the way. Subscribe to our newsletter for monthly care tips, updates on innovative Liquiproof products, and exclusive offers. Or follow us on social media to connect with other ELVARDI enthusiasts who share your commitment to quality and sustainability. Together, let's keep your sneakers—and our world—looking beautiful.




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