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designed to last and be recycled


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Sustainability through circularity

Sustainable Sneakers

Welcome to ELVARDI

We're all about creating stylish, and eco-friendly sneakers that not only look great but also contribute to a better, greener world. We're passionate about transparency, and promoting sustainable practices such as recycling and reselling to reduce waste. Our ultimate goal? Zero product waste. We're just getting started in this exciting journey, and we'd be thrilled for you to join us.


Design in London. Handmade in Portugal.



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#1 MODERN designs

All our products are designed at our East London studio with you and the planet in mind. We design sneakers that are more than just shoes; they're a canvas for you to express yourself, show off your unique style, and a reflection of our rich cultural heritage. Every detail in our sneaker designs is carefully considered to make a statement - one that embodies elegance, innovation, and tradition.

#2 superior craftsmanship

Our shoes are crafted in Vizela, a town in northern Portugal, by skilled artisans with over 30 years of experience in producing high-quality footwear. This means our shoes are of the finest quality and well-crafted, with great attention to detail. You can count on experiencing ultimate comfort, durability, and luxury when you wear our shoes, no matter where your day takes you.

3. sustainability by circularity

We're really passionate about promoting sustainable practices like taking good care of your sneakers, reselling them, and recycling. We've partnered with Liquiproof to offer eco-friendly shoe care products at a discount, and we're also teaming up with Vapesol, a leading company in the Footwear Industry, to recycle our shoes. And this is just the beginning! By working together, we can truly make a difference in reducing sneaker waste and reaching our goal of zero product waste.


We only work with premium quality and eco-friendly materials, ethically sourced from LWG-certified Italian tanneries—and recyclable outsoles made in Portugal.


Transparency with the Blockchain

We believe in full transparency, that’s why we’ve created the ELVARDI Digital Passport. We don’t just want to tell you that we use premium quality leather, ethically sourced from LWG-certified Italian tanneries, or that our soles are made from 100% recyclable materials in Portugal. We want to show you!. With the ELVARDI Digital Passport, you can see exactly where our materials come from, access a certificate of authenticity, and follow our zero carbon emission production process. It’s all about giving you the confidence that your ELVARDI sneakers are sustainable and ethically made.

Our Promise to You.


Our promise to you goes beyond delivering high-quality sneakers made to last. through our partnership with Liquiproof, we also equip you with eco-friendly and premier resources to maintain your sneakers in pristine condition, maximising their lifespan and supporting our sustainability goals.

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For every sneakers sold, we donate 10% to the ELVARDI fund a dedicated resource for supporting emerging artists and designers from diverse backgrounds studying at UAL, to provide scholarships, workshops, and much-needed resources to help these talented individuals flourish.

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By becoming a customer, you join the ELVARDI Inner Circle, where our one-year product guarantee and our resale and recycling program await you. We also welcome you to join our exclusive members programs, where you enjoy a range of VIP benefits.

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