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Crafted for elegance


The skilled hands of Portuguese artisans bring ELVARDI designs to life.  By combining traditional shoemaking techniques with cutting-edge technology, we ensure that each pair of our sneakers meets the highest standards of quality and style. Our sneakers go beyond being just shoes; they embody luxury and resilience, meticulously created from the finest materials to deliver both fashion and comfort. Explore our timeless designs that seamlessly fuse luxury craftsmanship with modern allure.

DESIGNED TO make a statement

At our East London studio, we pour our passion and creativity into every pair of sneakers we craft. Drawing inspiration from the city's dynamic culture, we meticulously design each shoe with comfort, durability, and contemporary style in mind. From the initial concept in our East London studio to the final touches in Portugal, we are dedicated to integrating advanced digital tools and sustainable materials. This commitment allows us to create not just shoes, but wearable works of art that celebrate both people and the planet.

Sustainable outSoles

At ELVARDI, our soles don't just support your shoes; they tell a tale of innovation and sustainability. Crafted with passion in our East London studio and brought to life in Vizela, Portugal, each sole reflects our deep commitment to the environment and cutting-edge technology. Our partners in Portugal aren't just industry leaders; they are trailblazers in sustainable production, integrating eco-friendly measures that redefine footwear manufacturing. Every ELVARDI sole is a masterpiece, made from a range of innovative materials like Biodegradable TPU, Bio-Based TPU, and Recycled TPR, ensuring that every step you take is a step toward a greener future.

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